Santa Barbara County Watering Information

Central Coast weather conditions can vary widely in any month - for temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, and evaporation. "Normal" or "historical" data cannot determine the best schedule or sprinkler settings for irrigating landscapes. It's best to water by following these 3 steps.

Step 1.

Use the Landscape Watering Calculator to determine the appropriate watering schedule for your irrigation controller, given the soils and plants on your property. Calculate watering schedules separately for lawns, trees, and shrubs.

Step 2.

Use the Weekly Percent Adjust to adjust your watering weekly based on actual weather conditions as recorded at local weather stations.

Most irrigation controllers have a feature which allows the watering time to be set at a percentage of the maximum watering amount. The Weekly Watering Index provides you with the % number to which the controller should be set.

Step 3.

Check the irrigation system on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy of watering, and to check for leaks or problems with pipes, sprinklers, faucets, driplines, etc.

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